why sad? 8(

I don’t want you to feel obligated to listen to my whining, bro…

Spoil yourself a little cause you deserve it

…dunno what you mean by that.

What’s up, friend? You want some company or anything?

Just dumb reasons (at least to me), and I may have to tell my doctor to strengthen the dose of my anti-depressants to make them work better…

<sad sad fat bug lady buries herself under the dirt>

Bro look at this cute little seal interrupting some duck hunters hnngh

What am I even doing on this Flight Rising thing I have no purpose for it.

Chocolate, Wander, Soda, kittens and all the great italien foods!

all of my yes

(Five things) banjos, godfather's pizza, wir, orange soda and cake.

-Pentagram- My affection five times over. C0:

Affection from the best step-father in the history of ever~?

yes pls ❤

To summon thee, I would place: a copy of Wreck-It Ralph, a vest with a hoodie on it, a carton of red velvet milk, a small assortment of Ace Ventura gifs, and a King Candybug figurine.

Those fit perfectly.